St Thomas’ prides itself of a strong and dedicated staff team who work closely together in providing for all our pupils the best possible school experience.

Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead Mrs Aquilina
Lead of Teaching & Learning Ms Leahy
Year 6 teachers Mrs Williams
Year 5 teachers Mrs Busvine
Year 4 teacher Mr Vitoria
Year 3 teachers Mrs Fromings
Year 2 teacher Mrs O’Keefe-Parr &
Mrs Donoghue
Year 1 teacher Mr Manning &
Mrs Browne
Reception teacher Mrs Coleman
PreSchool teacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead Mrs Whitehead
Music teacher Mrs Carlton
Teaching Assistant Mrs Benn
Teaching Assistant Mrs Sylvester
Teaching Assistant Mrs Lennard
Teaching Assistant Mrs White
Teaching Assistant Mrs Steyn
Teaching Assistant Mrs Gordan
Teaching Assistant Mrs Copus
Teaching Assistant Vacant
Teaching Assistant Mrs Driver
Teaching Assistant Mrs Hurst
Teaching Assistant Mrs DeCleyn
Teaching Assistant Mrs Runting
Pre School Assistant Mrs Hayden
Pre School Assistant Mrs McCann
Pre School Assistant Mrs Masters
Group Support Mrs Betts

Secretary & Admissions (Years R-6) Mrs Stangroome
Finance Officer vacant
Office Assistant & Admissions (Nursery) Mrs Bosworth
Caretaker Mr Cowell

Catering Manager Mr Jan
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Alexander
Kitchen Assistant Vacant
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Arif
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Benn
Lunchtime Supervisor Miss O’Keefe
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Eastwood
Lunchtime Supervisor Miss Runting
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Van Den Berg
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs O’Keefe
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