Snapshot of Creativity Week

During the past week here at St Thomas’ we had CREATIVITY WEEK. In the morning pupils engaged in solving problems within their classes and in the afternoon they worked in their houses (mixed age groups) to work with clay, use photos to express emotions, express feelings on collages and created their own pizzas. We rounded the week by going to Knole Park where we worked in small mixed age groups to build dens. 29 dens were left at Knole Park when we left yesterday. Here is a small snapshot of the week.

In Year 1 we tried to make a boat out of paper that could float. We tested these by loaded them with treasure to see how many coins they could hold before sinking. Well done to Elvie and Carlota, who won with a boat holding 52 coins.

In Year 2 we started the week by building boats and checking to see which one could hold the most weight before sinking.Then we created our own paper plate mazes which were tested by multiple students.

Later in the week we made Japanese paper fans (really helped with the bad weather!). We also made air powered launchers. The children made a little device from which they can move tinfoil ball with their breath (we talked about how it works and what material you would choose for the floating item which has to be lightweight). 

And on another day Year 2 looked at poetry. In the morning they learned about different types of poems. After break they made their own paint with a partner. They were given a start of mixing equal parts water, salt, and flour with some food colouring. After the initial mixture they were allowed to add what they felt necessary to make their paint better. They had paper and paintbrushes to test the paint as they went. As a class we tested each others’ paint and talked about which students had really good mixtures and why, and what they would do different for next time.

In Year 3  they had a murder mystery to solve. They used finger printing, lip printing and experimented with handwriting patterns to identify forgeries.