Year 5 visit to the Guildhall

Yesterday Year 5 visited the Guildhall in London. There they took part in a workshop lead by Jane Churchill based on the wonderful exhibition ‘Echoes Across the Century – World War 1 imagined’. All pupils immersed themselves in the multi sensory journey that explored heritage, memory and loss.

Joe wrote:

“I liked walking around in the trenches, it was quite moving to see all the saddening pictures of people who went to war and were fighting to protect their country. I also like making moths, my ones were mostly made with ink, salt and coffee. The art in the trenches made me really sad and upset because of what it made me think off. The moths cheered me up though. I had a really fun trip at the Guildhall and I really like the exhibition.”

Ella wrote:

“Year 5 went on a touching but enjoyable trip to the Guildhall in London. All of the class made moths and sketched some artwork based on the Great War. We made moths with ink, coffee, salt (for texture) and rubber. This was my favourite activity. Later on we got our pencils out and sketched some moving artwork. I loved exploring this exhibition showing how others interpreted different events. Jane Churchill’s great great grand father William Hicks was the that inspired this exhibition. He was a very inspirational man.”

Sophie wrote:

“I really enjoyed yesterday because I was moved by it. The most touching part was seeing Jessy Elman’s collection of tears. There was a bottle of tears for how she never saw her father. A fun activity was painting the moths. Surprisingly we used coffee to add a muddy colour to it. We also used a rubber liquid to make patterns and coffee granules for texture. We used salt to suck up ink. Water colours were used to do a different background and in the ‘trenches’ we sketched our favourite thing. Jane Churchill has a medal of William Goss Hicks which he got for his bravery and it was called ‘Dead Man’s Penny’.

The amphitheatre was very well done and looked cool. I was upset when we had to leave to get back. It was a great day and I recommend it to you”

Tara wrote:

I thought that the Guildhall exhibition was amazing and very moving. Before I got there I was thinking that it will be boring but now I see it differently. I think that symbolizing the soldiers as moths was very clever. I loved both parts. The first part I did was looking at the things the children made. I couldn’t believe that even if you lost an eye it wasn’t enough to be sent home and you would just be given a glass eye. But the thing that touched me the most was on of the cards. It was the five of clubs. It had two pictures on; one was of a storm and fallen down trees. On top it said ‘death’ and underneath it said ‘reality’. The other picture was of a green leaved tree and a blue sky.’

Fiona wrote:

On the 16th of June we went on a school trip to London. We went to an art gallery at the Guildhall, where we learned about World War I. Our class went to the section called ‘Echoes of the Century’.

My favourite part about this was the collection of tears that was collected by William Hick’s fiancee. He was one of the best solders of the English army, but he died during the war which left his fiancee heartbroken.’