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Day 5 at Sealyham

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Day 4 at Sealyham

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All of us had a great day. The weather has been gorgeous and we really enjoyed the different activities. Today a group had archery and surfing and the other two groups did kayaking and high...

Day 3 at Sealyham

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Day 2 at Sealyham

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Sealyham 2018

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Year 6 have started their residential trip at Sealyham today. They left school at 10:00am and arrived safely late afternoon. They have embarked on their f...

Oliver – Year 6 Production 2018

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World War II Tea

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On Friday afternoon, Year 6 had a World War II tea party. War veterans and evacuees were invited and spoke to the children about their experiences.   A former evacuee shared his stories of his evacuation to Barnstable.  Pat Moore told the children all about the time he spent in France during the war....

Friday 2nd March -School is Open until 12:30pm

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Tomorrow – Friday 2nd March

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Thank you to those of you who braved the weather and brought your children to school today.  Although it was difficult to follow a daily routine, the children have been a delight and seem to have enjoyed the special activities the teachers prepared. Having looked at tomorrow’s forecast, there is a clear...
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