Parent Voice & Involvement

Parents and teachers

Parents are encouraged to have regular contact with their child’s class teacher. In the afternoon staff accompany their class to the playground and you are welcome to speak to the teacher on an informal basis there.  If required, appointments can be made at a mutually convenient time with any member of staff, who can be contacted through the school office.

Help us to improve

We also regularly ask for feedback and opinions about how we can improve.  At some of the parent teacher evenings, you will be given a questionnaire (paper or online) to answer about the school.  Please do take the time to fill one out and return to us as we value your contribution.

Meet the Governors

The school governors host a ‘Parent Forum’ meeting each term, for which all parents are invited to attend.  In addition, there are three parent governors, to whom parents can speak informally and who can often be found in the playground after school.  Photos and names of Governors can be found in the waiting area outside the office.

Parent Governor Forum May 2019

Parent Teacher Association

Parents are automatically members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Please do attend meetings to see how you can help out with fundraising and supporting the school. More information about the PTA can be found on the PTA page.


Parental Support

We welcome parental support in school. If you have any free time please let us know and we can make suitable arrangements, which may not necessarily be in your child’s class.

You will be asked to complete a police check (DBS) form.

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