Useful links for New Parents/Carers

Useful links for New Parents/Carers

We hope you find these links useful to help you and your child prepare for starting school.

There are several useful sections on Mumsnet and on the archived site, including a section about preparing for the first day at school.

Here are some tips for starting school from a parent and former kindergarten teacher.

BBC iWonder’s starting school page also has some great ideas and suggestions.
Miss Mills’ tips in section 3’s video are great – but instead of practising numbers and letters, I do wish she’d suggested holding a pencil correctly for drawing and colouring instead. Although it’s useful if your child can write the first letter of their name, there is no need for your child to learn letters or numbers before starting school. When writing their name, the first letter should be a capital letter with the rest of the name lower-case. If your child is keen to learn to write, it’s better to teach the pre-cursive formation taught at school (start at the red dot and follow the arrows) or well-formed print.

Developing Personal, Social and Emotional skills
The ‘Let’s Explore’ blog has a five-part series on fun and easy ways to help your child improve emotional vocabulary, build feelings of competence, listen and follow directions, etc.
Part 1: Curiosity, Invention, & Imagination
Part 2: Initiative, Independence, & Responsibility
Part 3: Listening & Following Directions
Part 4: Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
Part 5: Regulating Emotions

Developing Communication and Language Skills
Talk about school with your kids: questions to ask (Hands On As We Grow)

If your child doesn’t respond well to direct questions such as these, try talking to them about your own day; what you did, who you saw, what you ate – this might encourage your child to open up about similar aspects of their own day.

The value of talk (Time Magazine)

Developing Literacy Skills
Developing early reading and writing skills (on the archived site)

Hear how to say the pure letter sounds – it’s crucial to keep the sounds short and clipped, without adding too much ‘uh’. Scroll down to ‘Phonics audio guide: how to say the sounds’.

Developing reading comprehension (Let’s Explore)

Developing Numeracy Skills
Developing Maths and Number skills (on the archived site)

School Dinners
Lunch box ideas (Netmums) and packed lunch ideas (Mumsnet)

Our Whole School Food policy

Keeping Healthy
About threadworms (NHS)

About head lice (NHS)

The importance of sleep (BBC)

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