School Council

Each class (Years 1-6) elects two school council representatives, who attend School Council and present the views and suggestions of their class. Hustings are usually held before the election and the process is taken very seriously.

Our School Council meets regularly to give their views on and help make decisions about all aspects of school life. A chair, vice-chair and secretary are elected within the group (usually from the older years) and they run the meeting themselves (supported by Mrs Newton, a member of the Senior Leadership Team). Minutes are taken and distributed back to classes to ensure accountability.

In 2018-2019 our elected school council representatives are:

Year 1  Scarlet  Owen
Year 2  Lexie  Dylan
Year 3  Vidy  Conrad
Year 4  Eddie  Juliet
Year 5  Peter  Heidi
Year 6  Rose  Charlie
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