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Maths activities in Reception are entirely practical and game-based. We want your child to develop a good understanding of number on which to base future learning. The CBeebies series Numberblocks does a great job of developing a strong understanding of number, and complements our teaching in Reception.



This is not just reciting the sequence of numbers, but organising their counting to say one number for each object counted and understanding that the last number they say gives the number in the set.



Developing the knowledge that numerals stand for a set of objects, some numbers are bigger/smaller than others (which has nothing to do with the physical size of the numeral) and sequencing numbers.


Addition and subtraction

In Reception this is entirely practical and game-based. We start by introducing the language used (add, and, plus, take-away, subtract, makes, equals, more, less) and leave more formal teaching of sums and + – = symbols until later in the school year. We also cover doubling, halving and sharing, all in practical or play-based contexts.



This includes making repeating patterns with colour and shape, number patterns (for example, recognising the number of dots on a die without counting), patterns involving three or more repeating elements and some simple reflective symmetry.



Knowing the names of simple 2D shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle) and, later in the school year, names of some 3D shapes (sphere, prism, cube, cuboid, pyramid) and some simple properties, for example, which shapes would roll, which would slide.



This includes measuring the length or height of objects using non-standard measures, simple capacity (full and empty) and weight (heavier, lighter) and being able to recognise and use money. This is not as easy as it once was – the new coins have their value written on them in words, not numerals!


Soon we will begin paying for our daily fruit. By the end of the year, Special Person decides how much the fruit will cost and writes a price label. The children select the coins required to pay. Special Person is the shopkeeper and checks all the payments. Children often find money difficult; a 2p coin is one object, yet represents two pennies.


This forms the basis for work in Science, History, Geography and Computing. Your child will explore and find out about the world around us, learn more about families and cultures, know about everyday technology and what it is used for.


We have an interactive whiteboard in the classroom, two stand-alone PCs with various educational games available for child-initiated activities, plus a class iPad.


It is useful if your child knows how to hold and operate a mouse correctly.


The children are taught to only play on the apps and games which they have been shown how to play in class.


Apps by Busythings are all fantastic and some of them are free. We have lots of Busythings games in class and the children enjoy them all.


Please do let us know if you’ve found any great apps. It’s not as easy as you’d imagine to find good-quality educational apps!



This includes art, music, role play and imaginative play. All Reception children have Music for half an hour each week (half the class at a time) with Mrs. Carlton.


When painting, children are encouraged to choose an appropriate brush (small brushes for detail, large brushes for larger areas), prepare and mix their own colours.


We teach safe use of tools such as scissors, punches, hacksaws and bradawls – and simple joining techniques using glue, tape and split-pins.


We provide plenty of opportunities for drama, role-play and imaginative play across the curriculum.

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'Learning in the Light of Christ'

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