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Moving Monsters: Pneumatic Systems

Year 3 have been learning about pneumatic systems, which is all about making mechanisms move with air. They have used their knowledge and skills to design and make moving monsters, using syringes to make the movements. We had many chomping mouths and tongues sticking out!

World Book Day! 

We love reading in Year 3. We had a World Book Day Cafe where we created a 'plate' of our favourite book, including our favourite parts and characters. Once our plate was finished, we all got to sample other plates and think about whether we would be interested in reading that book ourselves. Of course, a cafe would not be complete without some food. So we enjoyed some 'Truffula Treats' (a link to The Lorax).

Energy Live

Year 3 were fortunate enough to visit Sevenoaks School for a science show all about energy. The children loved learning and watching the amazing experiments. 

The Importance of Trees: Flooding

Year 3 are learning about what makes Brazil distinctive, and the Amazon Rainforest makes Brazil very distinctive! We looked at why trees are so important in the Amazon and did an experiment to show the effect rain has on land that has plants compared to land that did not. 

We found that where there were no plant roots to absorb the water, water just ran through the soil and caused a landslide. Whereas land with plants absorbed the water and nothing ran through the soil. 

Art: Telling Stories through Drawing and Making

Year 3 created their final model of a rainforest animal, using their sketching skills to guide and support them. We thought a lot about expressions, body language and textures to tell a story and transferred this into clay models. 

South Downs Dark Skies Festival

We took inspiration from the Dark Skies Festival (which takes place in February) to create our new corridor display. Year 3 thought about what 'The Man on the Moon' would be able to see in the clear skies and used this to generate ideas for our poems. We also looked at different artists' impressions of the night sky and chose to create similar artwork using pastel, paint and black card. 

French with Sevenoaks School 

Year 3 are lucky enough to have some Sixth Form students from Sevenoaks School deliver some French lessons to us. The boys are native French speakers and Year 3 were in for a shock when most of the lesson was delivered in French! 

Rainforest Animals with Wild Science! 

Year 3 were visited by Wild Science who brought along some of their animals commonly found in the rainforest. This helped to introduce our topic on Brazil and the Amazon. We had a snake, tree frog, leopard gecko, giant African snail and a cockroach. We learnt a lot about these different animals and how they would live in the rainforest. 

Hillforts in the Iron Age

We used the iPads to record what we had learnt about hillforts. Settling on a hill meant that communities could see their enemies approaching who would then be worn out by the time they reached the top of the hill!

Numberline Work

Estimating where a number should go on a blank number line is tricky! But Year 3 worked on ways to make it easier by finding the middle point and multiples of 100 (making sure they are evenly spaced). We even had a 10m long number line to practise on! 

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