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Our open afternoon

Our walk to Emily Jackson Care Home for our Intergenerational activity.

Our walk around Sevenoaks Town

Number work

Activities that support our gross motor skills

The children’s communication and language development is increasing this term.They are enjoying listening to longer stories and have good recall. They have a wider repertoire of rhymes and can talk about familiar books. In particular, they have shown an interest in books such as; The Awesome Night Sky, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Handa’s Surprise, The Girl who stole the stars.

This is complementing their personal, social and emotional development as they play with other children, extending and elaborating play ideas and making stronger bonds with their peers. We are seeing a greater interest in playing board games because of a growing ability to find solutions to conflict and rivalries.

In their physical development, the children have been using large-muscle movements to wave streamers, negotiate an obstacle course, and move across a climbing frame.

In literacy, we are continuing to develop phonological awareness so that they can: 

- spot and suggest rhymes 

- count or clap syllables in a word

- recognise words that have the same initial sound.

In maths, we have been working hard on being able to show ‘finger numbers’ up to 5 and linking numerals and amounts. For example, the children can now show the right number of objects to match a numeral up to 5.

We have continued to explore how things work in our theme on ‘Toys’ by making a pasta ‘catcher’ with recycled materials. In child initiated activities, they have been busy exploring different materials freely to develop ideas about potential uses and what to make.

As it was a lovely sunny afternoon on Thursday we took the opportunity to take a walk to Sevenoaks Town to look at the local area and to identify some of the buildings drawn in our maps ‘Walking to School’. We also talked about the shapes of any landmarks they saw along the way.

Lastly during our busy week, we enjoyed performing the nursery rhyme, ‘ Hickory, Dickory Dock’ during our poetry morning.

We made a toy car

We have started our theme on Toys this term and have made our first toy using recycled materials. The children constructing a racing car has involved learning in many areas of their curriculum;



  • Used a paper towel roll for the body of the car and learnt about 3D shape cylinders.
  • Counted four yoghurt tops for the wheels.
  • Chose a number for our racing car and wrote a numeral.

Physical Development


Developed our small motor skills by sewing on the wheels using a needle and thread

  • Rolled plasticine and made a figure for the driver.



  • Acquired new vocabulary, such as ‘needle and thread’, ‘plasticine’ and ‘steering wheel’.
  • Looked at a variety of non-fiction books on toys, vehicles and wheels.

Understanding the World


  • Explored how things work. The children were provided with mechanical equipment to play with and to investigate, such as wind up toys, pulleys, sets of cogs, and pegs and boards. Children were also encouraged to bring in their favourite toys to show.
  • Discussed the different features of toys and catagorised some as toys with wheels; some that we push or pull; toys that have to be wound etc.
  • Talked about the science and engineering of the mechanics that make toys move.
  • Observed the differences between modern toys and older toys.

Expressive Arts and Design


  • Joined different materials and explored different materials freely, developing ideas about how to use them and what to make.

Happy New Year and a warm welcome back on a chilly January! The sudden snowfall this week brought a lot of excitement. The children had fun scooping up the snow to make a snowman and finding out how freshly fallen snow sticks together to make a snowball. It also created a blank canvas for their mark making.

For Art, we made swirling patterns and mixed paints to creat shades of blue. We then made pictures of a ‘Starry Night’ in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

Starry Night in the style of Van Gogh

For our work in RE, we revisited the Nativity including the arrival of the Wise men and Jesus’ baptism. The children then took turns to carry out a baptism and recited the words ‘In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’. Fr Vispin’s visit on Wednesday afternoon helped the children to understand the significance of celebrating Christmas.

We have been guiding children to make sense of their physical world and community by drawing their journeys to school. We transcribed their ‘Understanding of the World’ and extended their geographical knowledge by introducing new vocabulary and making important links between features, places, events and people.

Our journey to school

Opportunities in the snow

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